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time didn’t even revise the results

they didn’t change the numbers

they left it clear that laverne cox was on top

and then they just straight up excluded laverne from their Influential 100 list because they felt like it. 

i don’t need an explanation from them. i don’t need to understand their motives because fuck them.

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12 people have unfollowed me in the last 5 minutes really if you think john green or benedict cumberbatch deserve to be on times most influential people list more than laverne cox or lupita nyong’o i wish you’d never followed me in the first place

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i don’t understand why Time magazine always gives spots to REALLY problematic people 

when i think of of the 100 Most Influential People  think of people who had a positive impact on people

not people who make people’s life a struggle put them in a separate magazine at least damn

and i understand that technically the word “influential” can have a positive or negative connotation

but speaking in general terms,”influential” has a much positives connotation too it